mfsab buses for sale

MFSAB Buses for Sale

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The following is one of our current Inventory of MFSAB Buses for Sale. This unit is an  MSFAB (multi function school activity bus) which is required now in most states for use for transporting daycare, preschool and school children.
Goshen Coach is pleased to provide the Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSABs) specifically designed to meet the demands of childcare. The MFSAB complies with school bus Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) relative to construction, vehicle crash integrity, occupant seating crash protection, and driver visibility. Best of all, the MFSAB meets all National Transportation Safety Board highway safety requirements. We believe choosing the MFSAB is the safest and best decision you could ever make.

 Notice that the majority of our used bus inventory are refurbished used buses for sale.
Please read our refurbished Used Bus Sales cost page to fully understand what is involved with our bus refurbishment.

  $49,836 with warranty!    Stock # 73369 ON SALE !!

2014 Goshen Coach, Ford E450
21 passenger, 20 rear + driver 
MFSAB:  multi function school activity bus
60,000 miles ( Very Low)
5.4L Triton V8 , automatic transmission with overdrive
Dual Compressor Front and rear Air Conditioning and Heat
Rear door
New exterior paint
High-back reclining Cloth seats with seatbelts
Bifold Doors
Gross weight 14,500#
Hydraulic Brakes four wheel ABS disc
Dual rear wheels
New Stainless steel wheel covers 
MFSAB:  multi function school activity bus
Refurbished with Warranty

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If you have any questions about our MFSAB Buses for Sale please call 910-272-0177
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