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The following is one of our current Inventory of School Bus Sales. This unit is an official MSFAB (multi function school activity bus) which is required now in most states for use for transporting daycare, preschool and school children.
Girardin, with over 50 years of experience, builds a solid type A school bus and has devoted it's efforts into building a safe bus with children in mind.

 $29,950 with warranty!  stock # 73488

2006 Girardin, Ford E450
15 passenger, 14 rear+driver   No CDL required
MFSAB:  multi function school activity bus
124,000 miles  (very Low for a powerstroke)
6.0 powerstroke diesel,  6 speed overdrive auto transmission
Front and rear dual compressor Air Conditioning and Heat
New exterior paint
Rear door
Bench style vinyl seats with 3 point seat belts
11 Fold away infant seats with restraints
Wheelchair lift with one tie down spot (no restraint)
Bifold Doors
Dual rear wheels
Gross weight 14,500
Hydraulic Brakes 4 wheel ABS disc
Stainless steel wheel covers 
MFSAB:  multi function school activity bus
Refurbished with Warranty

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