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Propane Bus Sales

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The following is one of our current Inventory of Propane Bus Sales.

Highlights of "going green" with a propane powered bus:

  •  A gallon of propane gas generally costs 40 percent less than a gallon of gasoline.
  •  Propane gas shrinks your bus environmental footprint with 70 percent fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons, 50 percent less carbon monoxide, 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, and 12 percent less carbon dioxide.
  • Propane has the longest bus driving range of any alternative fuel option due to efficient combustion and higher octane ratings, 104 octane rating, compared to regular gasoline’s rating of 87
  • The abundant domestic supply of propane gas reduces U.S. reliance on imported fuels, Long-term supply has been greatly increased due to recent advances in drilling techniques.
  • Propane’s low working pressure, narrow flammability range, higher ignition temperature and rigorous testing make it a very safe alternative fuel.

 $59,830 with warranty!  stock # 63907P

2008 Goshen, Chevrolet C5500
29 passenger24 fold away+4 flip+driver+10wheelchair spots 
47,000 miles  (very Low for an 8.1)
8.1L propane V85 speed overdrive automatic transmission
Cruise Control, electric mirrors
Front and rear dual compressor Air Conditioning and Heat
 Wheelchair lift with 10 tie down spots
Vinyl seats with seat belts
AM, FM, CD, PA  4 speakers
Electric Bifold Doors
Gross weight  19,500#
Hydraulic Brakes 4 wheel ABS disc
Stainless Steel wheel covers  
Running board with mud flaps
Raised floor(no wheel wells inside)
New exterior paint
Two sets of restraints

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